The Benefits Of Using Tan Towels

tan towelsTan towels have continuously gained popularity in the self-tan industry over the recent years. These towels contain a substance referred to as self-tanner which helps one to achieve a bronze glow in less than four hours. Tanning towels are a better option when compared to the ordinary methods where one lies on tanning beds or where you expose yourself to direct sunlight.

The absence of Ultra Violet radiations in tan towels makes them a more safe option for your skin. These towels come in two distinct shades i.e. classic which is best used by people with medium skin tones and plus which is used on dark tones. It is important for you to prepare your skin before using these towels.

Skin preparation

You should start by thoroughly cleaning your body. Use a bar soap or a shower gel to make sure that you are clean. This should be followed by exfoliation. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells as well as dry flakes. You can use a body scrap with exfoliating beads to achieve this purpose. After exfoliation, use a dry ordinary towel to pat the skin until it is properly dried. It is important to note that you are not supposed to use and any body lotion or moisturizer.

Applying the tan towels

Open the package to remove the tan towels. Use the towels to wipe your skin in a circular motion. If you are targeting to wipe the whole body, you will be required to use around three towels. Use each towel until it is dry before using the next one. You should note that there are full body plus and full body classic towels. One of such tan towels can be used to cover the whole body.

You should ensure that you don’t overuse the towels on regions such as ankles and knees as these areas will absorb the entire product resulting in a streaky tan. After you have covered the whole body, it is advisable that you wash your hands as they can easily be stained by this product. Wait for about three minutes to ensure that all the tanning product has completely dried on your skin before you can dress.

All the benefits

Benefits of using tanning towelsIt helps you to achieve the desired tan within a very short time- The results are very fast i.e. it only takes around four minutes for you to achieve the tan. Other methods require you to be patients for quite some time before you can get the tan. For example if you are tanning your skin in a salon, you may have to visit the salon at least two times before you can get the tan.Very easy to apply- The application process is so easy especially if you consider the fact that the tanning lotion is already intact in the towels. This means that you don’t have to undergo the mess in preparing the towels.

It is important that you avoid coming into contact with water 2 to 4 hours after you have applied the tan. Water might make the tan blotchy.


Vector Butane Torches for a Great Smoking Experience

A lot of people today are into smoking, specifically because of the relaxing effects that one can get from it. Apparently, most self-proclaimed smokers are more than just into smoking. They confessed to be also interested in finding cigar accessories that would add more fun and thrill to their smoking experience. One of today’s most patronized cigar accessories is the Vector Butane, the leading manufacturer of quality cigar, pipe and lighters in the world.

Vector Products

When it comes to high-tech cigar accessories, one product that would normally stand out from the rest are the items offered in Vector, primarily because all the products under this brand feature latest technological advancement when it comes to cigarette accessories.

Vector specifically offers products like jet-torch, collectible, cigar cutter, pipe lighters, flint lighters, electronic piezo, thunderbird butane-filled lighters and pouches/flints accessories.

All of these Vector accessories are known for their quality features that would surely bring you a different feel for your smoking habits.

The Use of Butane Gas

Originally, gas in the form of butane was not usually used for cigarette lighters. There are numerous gas forms that were used for cigarettes, but it was actually butane that made a great impact for cigarette lighters, thus making it the standard fuel source. It took few years before manufacturers were able to realize the wonders of butane gas for cigarette lighters. Fortunately, most manufacturers today are utilizing butane, including Vector.

Vector lighters are well supported by smokers primarily because this company utilizes butane gas for most of their torches. One great thing about Vector butane torches is that they do not give off this strong and intimidating odor. Furthermore, with Vector, you can easily control the flame from the butane-filled lighters, making it easier and hassle-free for you to light your cigarette.

Butane-Filled Lighters of Vector

Another great thing about Vector torches is that they offer numerous models for their butane lighters, giving you more options for the kind of lighter that you want. You can choose among different models of Vector-Nitro Butane Torch that come in black, silver, gold, blue, and metallic blue.

The Vector Nitro Butane is a multipurpose lighter that can generate flames reaching up to 1,300 degree Celsius. This Vector Butane features two different flames–jet torch and regular flames. It also comes with lock and adjust lever for easy use. More importantly, it comes with easy refillable container for a more continuous and consistent lighter use.

The brand also offers Vector Rapid Fire Butane Torch that comes in black and silver. The Rapid Fire Butane Torch, on the other hand, is a premium offer of Vector that conveniently comes with gas refill. This torch is also considered as a multipurpose lighter and can generate flames of up to 1,300 degree Celsius. Like Vector Nitro Butane, it also gives off two different flames, has a continuous flame lock lever, flame length adjust lever and a safety feature of ignition button.

Why You Should Choose A Colibri Butane lighter

ImageWhy you should choose Colibri Butane lighter

Colibri butane lighter is preferred by most people as it uses refined butane unlike the other vaporizers that run on electricity. The fuel is valued by many as it enables the units to be more portable as one doesn’t need to rely on any electric outlet in order to power the vaporizer. Therefore, with just a can of the fuel, you can refuel vaporizer even if you are very far from electricity. This makes the units to be popular for people who like camping or even traveling to remote areas.

Why choose purified fuel
Most people wonder whether it makes a difference on the type of butane they use. The fact is that it does make a lot of difference. Even though the purified butane fuel is usually up to ten times more expensive as compared to the regular one, there are various reasons why it is better.

Less odor
The regular butane usually produces a considerable odor. The catalytic converter such as the IOLITE Vaporizer and WISPR works differently from the regular lighter. Due to the many impurities that are in the regular fuel, it releases a scent. However, the refine fuel which is made by Colibri doesn’t release any odor.

Doesn’t have foreign particles
Since the fuel is purified, it doesn’t contain any foreign particles unlike the unpurified gases. The foreign particles haven two negative effects. The first is that they tend to distort the vapor’s flavor. The particles may also clog up the unit as catalytic converter works when used with purified butane. Most manufacturers will reject a warranty claim if it is established that a unit malfunction as a result of regular butane. The manual clearly states that the recommended fuel is ‘Purified Butane’.

Temperature that is more constant
When using the purified butane, it is possible to ensure that the temperature in the heating chamber remains constant. In most cases, the unrefined butane usually will burn unevenly and this may cause fluctuations of temperatures. You should note that while vaporizing, temperature fluctuations may not be the best thing.

Choosing the best brand
Even though any highly refined butane can be good for Iolite vaporizers, the one brand that is trusted in Canada is Colibri butane. Since it doesn’t contain impurities, it enables the Iolite to function in a perfect way.

Why choose butane gas
Since butane is usually a gas, it doesn’t have a residue after you have lit something with it. At times, the gas is put under intense pressure before it is run through a jet to produce a fame that is blue in color. This makes it possible to light the cigar without necessarily touching the cigar to the flame. The heat that is off the jet ensures that the cigar can light while the pressure ensures that it does not keep drifting while lighting it. The fluid from Butane is usually more refined as compared to the standard fluids with the brands that are high end usually termed as triple-refined. These are commonly used in the torch-style lighters. This is why you should choose the Colibri butane lighters.